Privacy Policy

Ramazan Solution (UK) Limited knows how significant privacy is to our customers. We want to make sure that how we gather your information across all of our devices, services, online services and much more.

Review of Personal Information

We gather individual data that you provide directly, data about how you utilize our information and services and data from third party. We utilize this data to give you benefits, comprehend the manner in which you utilize our services and information so we can improve and customize your experience and to repair the most important applications, innovations, and substance for our clients.

Allocating Personal Information

We may share or allocate your personal data with law enforcement agencies when it’s legally necessary or to ensure Ramazan Solutions (UK) limited and its customers. We may likewise impart your personal information with our trusted organizations such as insurance companies and mobile service providers.

Retaining Information

We won’t keep your own data for longer than is fundamental for the reason for which it was gathered. This implies data will be destroyed or deleted from our frameworks when it’s never again required.


We find a way to guarantee that we retain and process data about you based on following rational.  

  • In any case the duration for which the data is utilized to provide you with service.
  • As required under law, an agreement, or with respect to our statutory commitments

Privacy Policies

This policy applies for our all product services, from mobile phones and tablets to PC’s, online services and more.

  • It is mandatory for you to check updates to the privacy policy.
  • The privacy policy is updated periodically so that personal information is reflected with respect to changes in applicable law and services.
  • We’ll directly post on our website for notifying any advancement in services or privacy policy.